There are three ways to distinguish Nike's authenticity.

So how do you distinguish the authenticity of Nike shoes? Nike has many OEM factories in China, including Dongguan, Kunshan, Putian, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Although the production locations are different, the quality is basically the same. However, the quality of Nike shoes at different prices may vary greatly. Here are some tips on how to determine whether Nike shoes are real or Adidas shoes

The first method: The most scientific method of one-on-one comparison is to compare shoes one-on-one, and seeing is better than hearing. Compare the purchased Nike shoes with the same Nike style (same style, same color) one-on-one. If there is no difference, then it must be genuine. If there are still slight differences, further comparison can be made, as these slight differences may be normal differences between different origins (factories) and batches in different years. The article numbers may be the same, but the materials may be slightly adjusted in the next year's replication. If you have any further questions, you can ask the brand company for confirmation. If you cannot find the same style, you can compare it with different colors of the same Nike. The key is to see the difference between the soles of the shoes. If the sole is the same, it can basically be judged as genuine. Because the development of shoe soles is the most difficult, often accounting for more than one-third of the total cost of shoes, counterfeit goods must have the same quality as genuine products, and the cost is too high. It should be noted that if you compare the pictures and styles on the official website online, there may be color differences in the actual product due to factors such as lighting during shooting. The actual product shall Nike shoes

The second method is counter validation. Nike shoes purchased online are taken to an offline Nike store for authenticity verification. There are three questions. Secondly, shop assistants often have a strong resistance to online shopping. If you're not an acquaintance, it's usually about dealing with people. Thirdly, there is a high turnover of staff in specialty stores nowadays, and many new staff members are not professional enough. At the same time, Nike launches thousands of models every year. The Nike styles purchased and sold by a store are very limited, and it is normal for store staff not to be familiar with a certain product. From this perspective, counter inspection may not be 100% trustworthy. If you really want to go to a Nike store or counter for inspection, it is recommended to: first, compare the same product carefully and trust your own judgment. Secondly, if you want to inquire, don't say it's online shopping or disclose the price to avoid dampening the enthusiasm of the store staff. The third is to ask clearly the basis for judging truth and falsehood, and then judge the accuracy on your own discount Nike shoes 

The third method: Retailers submit Nike logos. Usually, brand companies do not accept consumers' personal authentication applications, and relevant national departments are also unable to verify them. If you purchased branded shoes online and the above identification method is still uncertain, you can contact customer service to have the shoes uniquely labeled and then send them back via courier. After the merchant confirms that the shoes are sold, they will communicate directly with Nike through the official process and conduct official identification according to the formal procedures. At present, the most widely circulated method for identifying the authenticity of branded shoes online is the shoe label identification method. In fact, relying solely on the identification of shoe labels is not rigorous. Firstly, the cost of copying shoe labels is extremely low, with mass production costing less than 10 cents. Secondly, the same brand, even if it is all authentic styles, because of different origins, factories, and batches